"We found the work of J. Fagan Const. to be excellent. The final bill did not exceed the estimates and the entire staff were quick to address our questions."  Carl Hunter

"Our first job with J. Fagan Construction, on a contract basis, was performed as desired. We are very happy with our addition. Since the end of this project, J. Fagan has installed a home fixed power generator, on a cost plus basis. All is good and proper. A third job, cost plus basis now pending, others will be done.   Lark Hunter 

Check out their websites        www.claitalianredwine.com    www.clagrills.com   



We have done several jobs in this community. We refurbished their gazebo and dock, we have put in a sprinkler system for their front gate garden, we have fixed their fountain and also several things at their homes... a patio, a new deck and on and on. We are proud to have return customers such as these.

The residents who live behind the private gates at Woodsong have been very pleased with all the work J. Fagan Construction has done here.  We have found him to be easy to work with, timely, and conscientious.  His crew is trustworthy, and his office help is the best.  We absolutely will use him again when the need arises.    Dudley & Kathy

You can quote Guy as saying. I found them to very professional and timely. The quality of the work was super." You can quote the property owners with" The size of the job , small or large was competitively priced and completed on time."   Guy & Brigita




(Residential & Commercial)

James and his crew came to my house to salvage a re-model  job that another “contractor” had started.  Straightening out the mess created by the first folks made the initial work that much harder to do.  Your guys did a wonderful job, even considering having to re-do some aspects created by those first attempts. Your crews were courteous and always cleaned up at the end of every day. 

 We call James whenever anything goes wrong or simply needs repair; from major re-model to roof/ceiling repair at our office, masonry repair, or painting.  He is readily accessible and always promptly returns calls.  He absolutely stands by his work.  Rest assured, we will continue to look to  J. Fagan Construction for any and all remodel, repair, and now landscaping, needs we have.  It’s reassuring to know  I can make one call and then not worry about the project again.     David & Linda

We would like to comment on the beautiful landscaping job, the screened-in sun room and especially for our lovely Koi pond. We have had so many people complement on everything. Thanks again for a job well done.   Sincerely,   Wayne & Tommie



J. Fagan Construction did a wonderful job on my remodels.  Their attention to detail shows in the finished product.  They helped a "novice" like me with a professional approach that addressed time, budget, and design expectations and delivered on all accounts.  I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a job done right!    Grant


(Residential Rent Houses)

We LOVE the new room, the hardwood floors, fireplace and so forth are beautiful.  Very happy with the improvements!   Rusty & Royce





J. Fagan is one of the best contractors that I have worked with.  Not only was the communication, quality of work and follow through outstanding, but they were able to complete the job around the needs of my business and under budget.  Thanks Payton,  Store Manager,  Belk Dept. Store

In todays society it takes a lot for a person to invite a stranger into their home or business and trust them with the things that they hold dear. That is why I have put this page together. I wanted you to be able to hear from some of our customers.



The first thing I liked about working with J. Fagan Construction, is that they immediately came to look at what I needed done. It was not a large job and they completed it within two weeks of me calling. I have been trying to get some wind damage to my house repaired for over a year! In today’s economy, it is hard to believe that construction people are booked for two years, which is what I’ve been told. Now it’s done and I can look forward to having them come back for other things I want to get done! It’s great to find someone that can do the work professionally and get it done in a timely manner.      Nancy



Enclosed garage and added new entryway



J. Fagan Construction, Inc., has recently completed adding a screened porch to our house.  They did a superb job.  Two other contractors said it couldn't be done.  There was a lot of moving big rocks, a flower bed with a tree, and a stone patio.  They did an amazing job of protecting our hardscapes as well as removing and transplanting several bushes and trees.  The men were professional, skilled, and pleasant to be around.  They cleaned up thoroughly each day.  We are so pleased that we have hired them to do more landscaping as well as some interior remodeling.  We recommend them unhesitatingly.    Jim & Diane








We love our Sun Porch!. We have wonderful comments about it all the time. People say," If we had one of these rooms, we would stay out in it all the time”. We really appreciate all the hard work and sweat that went into building it. You all did a great job! Thanks,   Dave & Beth

We loved working with J. Fagan Construction on the remodeling of our master bathroom. We were very unsure about what to do, but James worked with us to help pick out the perfect materials. We liked dealing with a contractor that seemed more concerned with making happy customers than just making a sale.      Darren & Robin

I would like to summarize our experiences with J. Fagan Construction Co. as follows:


First, Their bid/proposal was very detailed and exact.  It was easy for us to see exactly what we had contracted for and how much it was going to cost us.


Second, I had some vague idea of what we wanted and discussed them with Mr. Fagan.  He would say, "yes, that's a good idea and we can do it" or "I don't recommend that approach and here's why."  He always treated my ideas and suggestions very seriously but, in some cases, was ready to offer alternative suggestions or ideas.  This resulted in my wife and I always feeling as though we had a distinct part in the planning and execution of our porch addition.


Third, Mr. Fagan does not use "subs" to do the work.  All of the crew is his employees and I think that resulted in a more comprehensive and professional addition to our house.  His foreman, Wes, is a construction genius and can build, fix or repair anything.   


Fourth, He was not always begging me for "monetary advances."  The contract listed a payment schedule and we stuck to that schedule.  Also, Mr. Fagan readily responded to our calls and kept the communication lines open.


Finally, We are very pleased with the finished porch addition and have received rave reviews from our family, neighbors and friends.       Patsy and Dennis



We recently had J. Fagan Construction, Inc. cover an existing and very "blah" concrete patio.  What an amazing transformation!!!  Our porch is now a wonderful extension of our home and has already provided us with tons of pleasure.  We couldn't be happier with the J. Fagan team. They did an absolutely fabulous job in less time than we had ever expected and they left our porch and yard spotless every single afternoon when they left. 

Excellent job!  Excellent staff!  Very happy customers! 

We will definitely use J. Fagan Construction again and would highly recommend them to anyone considering a home improvement project.  They get an A+++! 

Way to go team and thank you so, so much for your hard work!!!   Carol and Bobby



James and his team did an outstanding job on my project. They installed new windows and replaced old columns with brick. During the planning they provided expert knowledge and advice for improvements and changes. James' team was professional and provided quality work at a fair price. Wes, his crew leader was outstanding, professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful.  The neighborhood was hit by a tornado at the start of the project and he pitched in to clear a tree and remove debris.


I strongly recommend J. Fagan Construction.  Larry



We Can’t Wait to Add Yours!

"Can a 30 year old horse barn be nearly doubled in size and converted into a garage / workshop that one can be proud of ? Sure can... James and his crew made it happen. Taking on an endeavor of this scope was a little overwhelming for me, but James made it pretty much painless. Very easy to work with, and with lots of good ideas, James displayed the kind of professionalism and laid-back approach that made me comfortable with going with his company. There was no pressure at all, and an obvious desire to please the customer. And please, they did. James and his crew did a very good job, stayed within the budget, and right on schedule. We are very happy with how 'Barn / Garage / Workshop' turned out. For my sons, brothers, and nephews, it will be a place of enjoyment for many years to come... working on old cars, building 'things', and just hanging out."   Danny & Laura  



I simply cannot tell you guys how wonderful you are!  You took an absolute mess and made it into such a lovely place.  The biggest problem I have now is all the parts that didn't get redone.  Every time I look around, I think, "Yep!  There's another job for Fagan!"  Thank you so much for helping us get our home back!   Lisa